Theodore, 19th-century German chemist. See: Fleitmann test.
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Another way that coral growth can be visualized is when slices from inshore corals in certain locations--for example, Great Barrier Reef (GBR), Australia (Lough et al., 2002); East Africa (Fleitmann et al., 2007); Madagascar (Grove et al., 2010)--are viewed under ultra-violet light.
The Arabian Peninsula is located at the interface between the Indian Ocean Monsoon (IOM) and MidLatitude Westerlies (MLW), which are two of Earth's most dynamic climate systems (Parker et al., 2006; Fleitmann et al., 2007).
However, the pattern of reduced settlement that began after the first or second centuries AD and continued until the seventh century AD may have been linked to the severe droughts identified by Fleitmann et al.
She worked with lead author Gertsch; the geologist Adatte; Rahul Garg and Vandana Prasad from the Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany in India; Zolt Berner from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany; and Dominik Fleitmann at the University of Bern in Switzerland.
The platform forms nearly 75 % of the island surface and consists mostly of limestones and marls with subordinate sandstones of Triassic to Tertiary age (Samuel et al., 1997; Fleitmann et al., 2004).
Radiometric data, presented in this contribution, confirm the statement coined in the recent decade (Samuel et al., 1997; Fleitmann et al., 2004.) that the intrusion of granitoids of the Haggier Mts.
Sibylle Fleitmann, Secretary-General of the European Network for Smoking, described the Court ruling as a "major set back for public health".
The incorporation of case management into health care delivery is being stimulated by (a) the recognition that large numbers of elderly persons with chronic conditions require treatment that is inappropriate for acute care settings; (b) funding for in-home and community-based care from Medicaid waiver programs; (c) advances in medical practices that have resulted in many types of medical and surgical care being practiced outside the hospital in community-based or home settings; and (d) recognition of communication problems between primary care providers and medical specialists and other providers (Applebaum and Austin, 1990; Mor, Piette, and Fleitmann, 1989; Rothman, 1992).
Mor, V., Piette, J., and Fleitmann, J.: Community-Based Case Management for Persons with AIDS.