Felix, Austrian-American radiologist, 1893-1969. See: Fleischner lines.
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For each scan, observers assessed the presence, pattern, and distribution of the following abnormal criteria: groundglass opacity, consolidation, reticulation, and decreased attenuation as per standard morphologic descriptors based on the Fleischner Society Nomenclature Committee recommendations.
The Fleischner Society has published recommended intervals for follow-up of solid and subsolid nodules based on size and risk stratification (18,29) (Tables 1 and 2).
Feminism and the Problem of Sisterhood (1994), edited by Susan Ostrov Weisser and Jennifer Fleischner, which discusses women with and against other women; Maureen Jones-Ryan's Thicker than Blood.
At a different scale, composition may be affected when species that are palatable to herbivores become scarce through browsing and trampling (Milchunas and Lauenroth, 1993; Fleischner, 1994; Lauenroth et al.
Radiation exposure at chest CT: a statement of the Fleischner Society.
Thickening of the valve lips or wide gaping of the valve with narrowing of the terminal ileum (the Fleischner sign) has been described as a characteristic of tuberculosis.
Para un estudio de la representacion literaria de la rivalidad entre mujeres blancas y esclavas negras puede consultarse el estudio de Jennifer Fleischner, Mastering Slavery.
3) created by Tony Smith, as well as Marsh & McLennan's 9/11 Memorial by Richard Fleischner.
Management of suspected Acute Pulmonary Embolism in the Era of CT Angiography: A Statement from the Fleischner Society.
David Fleischner, with his wife Diana Wallerstein, is the owner and director of Camp Scatico.