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H., 20th-century German dermatologist. See: Flegel disease.
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This is particularly important in the case of genes determining the condition of the entire body, such as the GH gene (Schmid and Flegel, 2011).
Flegel WA (2012) Fresh blood for transfusion: how old is too old for red blood cell unit?
Monica Flegel studies the "pet-centered paternity" (103) of The Woman in White's Count Fosco, whose affectionate attachment to his pets, she claims, marks a broader social concern: couples and individuals who adopt pets as surrogate children may complete their own family circle but defy the social obligation to reproduce.
Kateri Tekakwitha School so near completion, Regina Catholic School Division Board Chair Frank Flegel said.
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Doctors Ken Flegel and James Martin point out that around 30% of people report some sensitivity to scents worn by others, and 27% of asthma sufferers are adversely affected by the fragrances.
En definitiva, aparentemente apartandose de Flegel y con la voluntad de declarada de hacerlo, se ha instalado una tendencia que acaba haciendo de Schlegel unicamente un filosofo, y de la ironia un concepto filosofico (15).
Moreover, obesity (a leading contributor to T2D) is on the rise among children and adolescents (Rorive, Letiexhe, Scheen, & Ziegler, 2005) and behavioral risk factors for T2D, such as obesity, sedentary behavior, smoking and poor eating habits, are also increasing among adolescents (Bishop J, Middendorf R, Babin T, Tilson W, 2005; Ogden CL, Carroll MD, Kit BK, Flegel KM.
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O livro conta com 127 paginas de uma reflexao densa que busca auxilio em teorias psicanaliticas, bem como na contribuicao de autores/as como Flegel, Lacan, Levi-Strauss, Foucault, Juliete Mitchell, Hannah Arendt e Giorgio Agambem.
Flegel - Scharen Ann Flegel, 68, of Springfield, died Dec.
Flegel said they aim for high standards of presentation in the gallery so artists are prepared when they go onto other shows.