Flavr Savr

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A genetically-modified tomato which was the first genetically engineered whole food to be granted a licence for human consumption; it was also subjected to premarket scrutiny by the FDA, which ordinarily evaluates food additives
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The product must primarily be appealing to the consumer (e.g., FlavrSavr tomato has distinct commercial advantage since it improves shelf life and flavor), and environmental health is only a positive externality of this process.
FlavrSavr tomato has been well accepted by consumers in California because of its improved flavor benefit.
government memo dating from 1993 revealed an experiment in which four of 20 female rodents fed the FlavrSavr tomato, now owned by Monsanto, suffered gross stomach lesions.
In 1973, scientists were able to splice DNA which led to the development of the first genetically altered food--the FlavrSavr tomato that was designed to delay over-ripening for a longer shelf life.
One early example of the fruits of these techniques is the FlavrSavr tomato. When tomatoes ripen, a gene is triggered to produce a chemical that makes the fruit go soft and eventually rot.
The most criticized research work done on such organisms is the study of well-known scientist Arpad Pusztai who observed evidence of stomach and intestinal harm affected by transgenic potatoes and FlavrSavr tomatoes. His research funding was stopped for the publication of basic outcomes and as a result study remained incomplete.
Applications of ag / food biotechnology Examples of current Expected ag and food biotech products future products from biotechnology Milk from cattle receiving BST Rapid growing salmon FlavrSavr tomatoes Improved tomatoes Improved cherry tomatoes High solids tomatoes, potatoes Carrots High stearic rapeseed oils-- shortening and frying Sweet mini-red peppers MCTs from rapeseed Chymosin cheese Low saturated fats from rapeseed Aspire-natural fungicide Pest resistant rice Nisin-cheese protection Pest resistant corn, wheat, cotton, potato Table 3.