Flatau-Schilder disease


Edward, Polish neurologist, 1869-1932.
Flatau law - a law concerning the eccentric position of the long spinal tracts.
Flatau syndrome - recessive trait resulting in bizarre movements brought on by physical activity. Synonym(s): torsion dystonia
Flatau-Schilder disease - Synonym(s): Schilder disease


Paul Ferdinand, Austrian neurologist, 1886-1940.
Addison-Schilder disease - Synonym(s): Schilder disease
Flatau-Schilder disease - Synonym(s): Schilder disease
Schilder disease - encephalitis periaxialis diffusa; progressive demyelinating disorder in adults; early symptom is visual impairment with mental deterioration. Synonym(s): Addison-Schilder disease; Flatau-Schilder disease; Schilder syndrome
Schilder encephalitis
Schilder syndrome - Synonym(s): Schilder disease
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