Surgical Fire

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A flash fire that occurs during a surgical procedure, which may injure patients or, rarely, cause death; 600 surgical fires are reported every year, but because reporting of such fires is not mandatory, the number may be much higher
Factors Sparks from electrocauterisation instruments, sustained by combustibles—e.g., surgical covers, facilitated by the high-O2 environment
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Also, when I am angry, my eyes flash fire, whether I growl or not."
"Those fence-boards are made of wood, and if the Woozy stands close to the fence and lets his eyes flash fire, they might set fire to the fence and burn it up.
"But I cannot flash fire from my eyes unless I am very angry."
Seeing this, they all cried "Krizzle-Kroo!" together, and that made the beast's eyes flash fire so fiercely that the fence-board caught the sparks and began to smoke.
The address of the riders recovered their steeds by use of the bridle and spur; and having glared on each other for an instant with eyes which seemed to flash fire through the bars of their visors, each made a demi-volte, and, retiring to the extremity of the lists, received a fresh lance from the attendants.
On 23 February 2017 at 6.10am, a worker from ECO SWM was discharging recovered liquid Hexane from a product tank into a plastic Intermediate Bulk Container1 (IBC) through a flexible metallic hose, when a flash fire broke out.
Gas station employee seriously burned in flash fire' on South Side
Vahid Ebadat of Stonehouse Process Safety will present, "Flash fire and explosion hazards: How to identify and control them in the rubber processing industry." This presentation will discuss practical measures for preventing flash fires and explosions in the rubber processing industry, and protecting against their effect.
Workers working in welding, Drilling, Mining, Oil and Petroleum and other fire hazardous industries require protection against flame and flash fire in addition to high visibility of protective clothing.
A DEVOTED father-of-two died as a result of a flash fire caused by ruptured pipes at a metal factory in Witton, an inquest has found.
on Saturday afternoon tossed a Molotov cocktail at the entrance to the Second Medical Building of Cheng Hsin Hospital in Taipei's Beitou District and shouted "Burn it!" The bottle of gasoline landed on the automatic doors and a flash fire immediately broke out, causing a panic among patients.
Her daughter was critically burnt and their apartment was destroyed after the flash fire and the explosion in August 2016.