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Designed to operate in the same spot over a long period of time, i.e., not mobile, as in, ‘fixed hospital’ or ‘fixed laboratory’
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This innovation of provisioning fixed wireless devices -- using a single integrated solution -- overcomes long-standing technical challenges to wireless provisioning that often requires services from multiple vendors and operating platforms.
Qualified percentage rent is rent equal to a fixed percentage of the lessee's receipts or sales, but only if the percentage does not vary throughout the lease term.(30)
The five-year loyalty fixed rate for existing customers moving home has been reduced to 6.59 per cent from 6.89 per cent.
All of Bird-Johnson's fixed pitch propeller foundry operations are being restructured under its newly formed Gulf Coast Operations.
Promotional rates will automatically revert to the Ulster Bank Standard Variable Rate of 4.3%, 4.4% APR at the end of each of these fixed rate terms but customers are encouraged to look at all options available to them.
Whether immediate or deferred, fixed annuities are guaranteed by the companies issuing them.
The company did not have a risk management policy that allowed for interest rate swaps, since it was typically able to issue fixed via the capital markets.
Merrill Lynch argued that under Paparo (71 TC 692 (1979)), the test could not be applied without a fixed and binding plan.
As regulations in varied industries impact how each company must house their information and for how long, both long term and near term storage for fixed content is changing.
Top 5 cheap deals 1 People's Energy Product: People's Year Fixed Fixed or variable: Fixed for 12 months, with PS20 per fuel cancellation fee Average annual bill: PS968 2 Orbit Energy Product: 10%OFF4LIFE Fixed or variable: Variable Average annual bill: PS974 3 Utility Point Product: Just Up 19 Wk3 Direct Fixed or variable: Fixed for 18 months, with PS30 per fuel cancellation fee Average annual bill: PS975 4 Avro Energy Product: Simple and WinterFix Fixed or variable: Fixed for 12 months Average annual bill: PS987 5 Lumo Product: App Only Fixed v17 Fixed or variable: Fixed for 12 months, with PS30 per fuel cancellation fee Average annual bill: PS988 Source:
The latest changes in the Azerbaijani Tax Code envisage the expansion of the list of fixed tax payers, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Taxes told Trend.