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Fitzgerald trait - defect resulting in prolongation of clotting tests but seldom causing hemostatic symptoms. Synonym(s): Flaujeac and Williams trait; kallikrein deficiency
Fitzgerald-Gardner syndrome - genetic trait resulting in multiple tumors, osteomas of the skull, epidermoid cysts, fibromas, and multiple polyposis predisposing to carcinoma of the colon.
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The company based that assertion on the results of multiple prior tax audits on Fitzgerald by the U.S.
FROM BACK PAGE between the pair in recent years with Fitzgerald writing in his autobiography last year that they had "fallen out big time".
Aon said Fitzgerald will immediately transition his responsibilities and Aon will not replace his role.
Drawn to Berlin is a collection of anecdotes about people seeking solace, distraction, or instruction from Fitzgerald's comic workshops.
Fitzgerald is responsible for helping his clients save thousands of dollars with judgment settlements, student debt, collection lawsuits and debt settlements for all types of personal and business debt.
Fitzgerald received 23 percent of the vote to finish second in the 11th Congressional District's June primary, which is open to all candidates regardless of party and allows the top two finishers to qualify for the general election.
In his illuminating introduction, Gomez Lopez contends that Fitzgerald's poems often focus on "lo cotidiano, la nota simpatica a modo de recorte de prensa, la parodia, la broma y la critica" ["the everyday, the kind note in the form of a press clipping, parody, jokes or criticism"] (13).
When Bruce Arians came to Arizona in 2013, he moved Fitzgerald to the slot receiver spot, which jacked up his production immensely.
Zelda Fitzgerald's creative output was astonishing, considering the conditions under which she lived, and the brevity of her life: she wrote dozens of short stories, several journalistic pieces, a play, two novels, hundreds of letters, kept diaries and produced hundreds of artworks.
Mrs Fitzgerald became embroiled in a scandal over the handling of Sergeant Maurice McCabe after questions began to be asked over a month ago about who knew what and when about an aggressive strategy being employed by lawyers for the then-Garda commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan against the whistleblower.
While the report - commissioned by Rotherham Council - did not uncover any grounds to hold Mr Fitzgerald or other former council chiefs to account, it said he and others had missed chances to tackle what was taking place in the town.