personal trainer

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per·son·al train·er

(pĕr'sŏn-ăl trā'nĕr)
A person who is certified in developing fitness programs for all people without regard to age or level of performance.
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For it, they interviewed more than 300 fitness trainers and nutritionist.
In 2012, Farooq did her fitness trainer course from Jammu Kashmir bodybuilding association, which is registered by bodybuilding federation of India.
I decided that we wanted to launch MULU." MULU is named after both her and her husband, who is also a fitness trainer. It's a touching name to them -- "very personal and close to the heart." "I decided to come up with this design, an abaya that is comfortable and not clingy.
Asif made history for himself as well as for the country when he was listed among the top 10 fitness trainers by an American online magazine TopTeny.
An Indian fitness trainer and real estate trainer has won the annual Mr Dubai 2017 pageant.
Fitness trainers work in private health clubs, gyms, yoga and Pilates studios, and public recreation and fitness centers.
Enter Pakistan's first online health and fitness directory; the only online directory that bridges the gap between health-conscious individuals and fitness trainers and nutritionists across the country.
With "HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training" professional fitness trainer and nutritionist Lucy Wyndham-Read provides you with a complete guide to High-Intensity Interval Training, with lots of exercises and workouts with step-by-step instructions.
After he regained the ability to walk, he chose to dedicate his life to helping others get fit and became a certified pro fitness trainer. While helping dozens of clients reshape their bodies and change their own lives, he decided to make his pro athlete workout available to everyone by putting the information into a book and offering it online.
The Toronto striker, 32, is working with Tiberius Darau, the fitness trainer he credits with helping him into England's Euro 2012 squad even though he was not a first choice for Spurs at the time.
The 18-year-old Redcar and Cleveland College student took part in the regional heat of the Level 3 CYQ Fitness Trainer Competition.