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Fisher's exact test was used to determine the comparison of TGF-[alpha] expression between SMG and SLG.
P-value = 0.384 * Fisher's exact test (low expected value) was higher than 0.05, which implies that the difference between the knowledge of men and women in this area was not statistically significant.
In a post hoc analysis, the mutations were significantly more prevalent among CCCA patients, compared with 2,702 control women of African ancestry (P = .03 by the chi-square test and P = 0.04 by Fisher's exact test after adjusting for relatedness of study participants).
In the analysis of the dependence between categorical variables, chi-square test and Fisher's exact test were performed.
At baseline, comparing indices of sodium, phosphorus, calcium, BUN, and IWG using the chi-square test, and potassium and albumin with Fisher's exact test showed that the differences in these indices were not statistically significant [Tables 2 and 3] in either group.
The goal of the study was to identify relationships between variables; a Fisher's Exact test was deemed the most appropriate test to run for this particular study given the relatively small sample size.
The Fisher's exact test, was used to compare between the 2 groups; for descriptive sample data, 95% confidence interval (CI) were calculated.
The Fisher's exact test and Mann-Whitney test were used for comparative studies.
Categorical variables were compared using a Chi-square test or Fisher's exact test. Midterm survival was demonstrated by Kaplan-Meier survival curves.
No statistical assumptions are needed for a Fisher's Exact Test except for computational ability and time.
Comparisons were tested at 5% level of significance using independent sample /-test, test, Fisher's exact test, and one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) with LSD post hoc test where appropriate.