Arthur M., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Fishberg concentration test.
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Speaking of hams, Foamola, the long-running poetry/ folk-rock group and kin to the Fugs-consisting of the poet Sparrow, his daughter Sylvia, and his wife Violet Snow, plus Lawrence Fishberg on strings/keyboard-did a great set at the Sidewalk Cafe, another relaxed venue in Manhattan with a great back room and wonderful sound.
A century ago, the physical anthropologist Maurice Fishberg described the paradox that Jews throughout the world are distinctive, and yet all strongly resemble their host populations.
Somehow, despite saying that "one can pick out a Jew from among a thousand non-Jews without difficulty," Fishberg rejected the concept of a Jewish race.
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Heresy may be the conspiracy, and Issac Ben Jacob & Sarah Fishberg give readers a fun and fascinating read.
In his early twentieth century revision of the highly influential The Jewish Encyclopedia, the Australian born Jewish writer, historian, and folklorist, Joseph Jacobs (1854-1916), co-authored with Maurice Fishberg (1872-1934), a Russian born American physician, anthropologist and author, an article entitled "Jewish Nostrility," summarizing earlier work done by each of them.
The manager suggested a name change from Michael Fishberg to Mischa Mischakoff, and encouraged him to enter a New York Philharmonic competition.
Fishberg wrote in 1902 that nurture, not nature was the cause of Jews' physical difference from Christians (39), so it was "surprising," he said, that in spite of "over-crowding, the Jews manage to be the healthiest and longest lived class of the population of New York City" (1902:46).
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