Arthur M., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Fishberg concentration test.
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O instrumento para recolha dos dados nutricionais foi o recordatorio alimentar de tres dias, segundo Fishberg, Marchioni e Colucci (2009), este instrumento tem como vantagens: a rapida aplicacao, nao altera a ingestao alimentar, pode ser utilizado em qualquer faixa etaria e tem baixo custo.
(39) While the aforementioned intellectuals used the tradition of endogamy to prove Jews' distinctiveness and national status, the early twentieth-century American anthropologist Maurice Fishberg presented endogamy as a practice that could be abandoned in order to secure Jews' future in a hotly xenophobic United States.
(77.) Maurice Fishberg, "Health and Sanitation of the Immigrant Jewish Population of New York," reprinted from Menorah, August and September 1902 (New York: Philip Cowen), 14.
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Speaking of hams, Foamola, the long-running poetry/ folk-rock group and kin to the Fugs-consisting of the poet Sparrow, his daughter Sylvia, and his wife Violet Snow, plus Lawrence Fishberg on strings/keyboard-did a great set at the Sidewalk Cafe, another relaxed venue in Manhattan with a great back room and wonderful sound.
A century ago, the physical anthropologist Maurice Fishberg described the paradox that Jews throughout the world are distinctive, and yet all strongly resemble their host populations.
Based on Jews' physical characteristics, Jacobs wrote in The Jewish Encyclopedia: "The remarkable unity of resemblance among Jews, even in different climes, seems to imply a common descent." And yet Jacobs' claims were opposed to those of Maurice Fishberg, his contemporary.
Studies indicate that 53% of patients averaged across all disease stages report pain, with one-third rating pain as moderate to severe (Giese-Davis et al., 2011; Morrison, Flanagan, Fishberg, Cintron, & Siu, 2009; Morrison et al., 2003; Satin, Linden, & Phillips, 2009).
Heresy may be the conspiracy, and Issac Ben Jacob & Sarah Fishberg give readers a fun and fascinating read.
Rest, dietary control, diuretics and digitalis, and promotion of extrarenal elimination were the only treatments available until the 1940s (Fishberg, 1940; Loomis, 1888; Purdy, 1886; Saundby, 1889).