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A generic or ‘placeholder’ surname, used in a legal action for a party—usually male—whose true identity is unknown or whose name must be withheld for various legal reasons
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Changes in fish roe imports by item Units: volume = ton, value = Y= million
The one tree at the top of the island was covered in fish roe still drying, and there were some large tiger roe and other dried roe, laying packed in bags under the tree.
The new menus feature a kobachi dish of rice wine-marinated calamari accented by wasabi mayonnaise, presented with flying fish roe on a bed of radish sprouts, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, and leaf lettuce.
There were at least ten different kinds of cold and hot starter but some of my favourites were rus salatasi (diced carrots, peas, sweetcorn and gherkins cooked and smothered in mayonnaise), taramasalata (smoked fish roe pate, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice), ispanak tarator (spinach and onions sauteed in olive oil mixed with garlic yoghurt), muska borek (triangles of filo pastry filled with a mixture of feta cheese and parsley), and mini kofte (grilled minced lamb meat balls).
Garnish Asian-inspired or seafood appetizers with green tobiko (tiny fish roe flavored with wasabi, available at Asian markets).
The Osaka roll will contain shrimp tempura, flying fish roe, sesame seeds, eel, mayonnaise, cucumber and avocado.
Imported by The Orkney Food Company, the seaweed (Phacophyceae) is being produced by a Danish firm as a healthy vegetarian alternative to fish roe, such as caviar, which can now cost 100 [pounds sterling] for a small pot.
Very high in fat and calories, but the fish roe has lots of vitamin B12
Contains more than the RDA of vitamin B12 per serving in the fish roe. 4/10
The Eskimo diet, composed largely of fish, fish roe and marine animals, including seal oil and blubber, allowed Eskimo mothers to produce one sturdy baby after another without suffering any health problems or tooth decay.
There are many similar gems, including an explanation of some rare delicacies such as sea urchin roe, salmon caviar, halibut cheeks, and flying fish roe. Fitzgerald's stories and research perfectly complement any seafood selection with an abundance of tips and treasures.
* Avoid foods highest in purines: organ meats, herring, sardines, mussels, anchovies, fish roe, broths, gravies and meat stock.