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As we examined various parts of animal anatomy on display at the Wing Hing Dried Seafood store on the busy Des Voeux Road, Cheung credited his ageless appearance to fish maw.
I was halfexpecting to see a snake's gall bladder, but our gregarious guide spared us that stomach- churning experience, though he insisted that the collagen- rich fish maw was the secret of his youthful skin.
The Double-Boiled Fish Maw and Almond Soup is one dish that best represents Xiu.
With abalone, fish maw, chicken, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo pith, black tree fungus, dried tangerine peel and ginger comprising the eight treasures, the soup was brimming with robust flavors that were earthy one minute, citrusy the next and heartwarming all throughout.
And there's more: Wok-fried King Prawn with Golden Pumpkin Egg Yolk Paste (liveliness and joy), Steamed Whole Fish with Red Date, Cantonese style (prosperity), Braised Fish Maw and Broccoli in Oyster Sauce (youthfulness), Stir-fried Japanese Scallop with Sweet Walnut in XO Chili Sauce (wealth and prosperity), and Dried Oyster with Black Moss (good business, good fortune).
Another dish that teased our taste buds was Steamed Chicken with Fried Fish Maw in Minced Garlic.
Also worth trying are the Rock Lobster Baked with Superior Broth and E-fu Noodles, the Braised Fish Maw with Goose Web, Grilled Sea Bass with Pumpkin, and Braised Sliced Abalone with Fish Maw.
The smugglers tried to conceal the ivory by packing it along with sun dried fish maws, which has a strong odour.
and Jasmine Seafood Restaurant's celebrated Chinese fare ranges from sweet-and-sour pork to an exotic stew of shark's fin, crabmeat and fish maws.
For products like canned shrimps, dried fish, shark fins and fish maws, the acceptability is determined on the basis of colour, odour, texture and absence of objectionable foreign matters.
Other than the above shark fins, fish maws, beche-de-mer, cuttle fish & squid, sprats are also exports mostly to the Asian markets.