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A generic or ‘placeholder’ surname, used in a legal action for a party—usually male—whose true identity is unknown or whose name must be withheld for various legal reasons
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For example, fish could potentially reach satiation and cease to feed before reaching a critical energy level, or energy used to digest low-benefit macrophyte material may outweigh any energy gained by eating more profitable fish eggs. In conclusion, our data support the concept of a widening of perch diet in spring in the Hamry Reservoir to take advantage of a seasonal increase in an easily obtained and profitable prey source (fish eggs).
First, natural variation in morphological features of fish eggs, within a species, is common because of the effects of both maternal (Chambers and Leggett, 1996; Marteinsdottir and Steinarsson, 1998; Marteinsdottir and Begg, 2002) and environmental (Chambers and Leggett, 1996; Kucera et al., 2002) factors.
The population density of fin fish eggs observed during the study period (January-2011 to December-2012) is given in Figure 45.
It establishes new controls on the importation of fish eggs and new rules to raise sanitary and environmental standards, as well as reduces the density of the fish raised through cage farming.
Individuals were observed eating smaller prey items off the surface of the kelp which were later identified as fish eggs, most likely belonging to Pacific herring (Clupea pallasi).
Local schools each received 100 fish eggs in January and students have since been rearing wild brown trout in special aquarium hatcheries in their classrooms.
The fish eggs - flown in from Iran to her salon - cost pounds 235 a time.
For many years, a fungal removal agent called malachite green was commonly used to control parasitic water mold on fish eggs. However, a revision in Japan's Pharmaceutical Affairs Law banned the use of this substance in August 2005.
Regarding "A Warning Label About Nothing" (Opinion/Analysis by Dan Berger, March 2007): Although I thoroughly enjoy caviar (fish eggs) with many wines, especially Champagne, I have not embarked on the practice of consuming isinglass (a form of collagen derived from sturgeon air bladders) in any appreciable amounts with or without my favorite wine.
Reptile eggs, bird eggs, fish eggs, insect eggs, and even dinosaur eggs are all strikingly represented in watercolors and ink.
Fish eggs, in contrast, have a tinyhole--a micropile--that a sperm must find and enter.