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Hartog J., Dutch physiologist, 1859-1924. See: Hamburger phenomenon.
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These were added at 5% or 10% concentrations: 5% for fish burgers and 10% for crab cakes.
Fish burger formulations (Nile tilapia) containing different concentrations of NaCl and MSG were prepared: A = 100% NaCl; B = 100% MSG; C = 50% NaCl and 50% MSG; D = 75% NaCl and 25% MSG; E = 25% NaCl and 75% MSG.
(6) In view of this, the objective of this study was to prepare (tropical South America) oscar fish [Astronotus ocellatus (Cuv.)]-based fish burger, perform sensory analysis and evaluate acceptability by the consumer market in the Brazilian municipality of Macapa, AP.
Chris Wenham, Head of Brands said: "This is a very exciting launch for us, not only as this is an extension to our range, but we are the first to market with a fish burger product in the category.
I had a Masala fish burger (pounds 2) which came on a nice soft bun, full of salad and fish.
Fish burger consumption was associated with trends toward greater risk for all 3 outcomes, but these did not reach statistical significance.
If the fish burger takes off in Kodiak, watch for it someday in other restaurants across America.
In the smart seated area there is a longer menu including crispy crab claws and scampi with Vietnamese dipping sauce, smoked haddock chowder and a fish burger.
Toward this end, scientists at Oregon State University compared the texture, color, oxidation, water-holding capacity and cook yield of simulated fish burger and crab cake formulations containing potato powder, pea starch or tapioca starch.
So I went for a Thai fish burger (PS10.95) which came with French fries and a lime dip.
I took my youngest daughter Madison and bought a children's meal for her and a fish burger for myself.