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animals which share common ancestors.

first-degree relatives
parents, offspring, full-sibs.
second-degree relatives
grandparents, half-sibs, grandchildren.

Patient discussion about relatives

Q. how is dementia and alcoholism related

A. Alcohol can cause dementia through nutritional deficiencies (e.g. B1, or thiamine deficiency, causing Wernicke encephalopathy's_encephalopathy) and probably also through direct effect on the brain. It can also cause a rare neurological disorder called Marchiafava-Bignami disease that results from damage to the brain tissue in certain areas.

Further more alcohol may cause hepatic damage that can cause alteration in consciousness and dementia.

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Q. do you have information or articles on skin eczema that is related to depression, especially in men?

A. If you are looking for professional articles, then here's one to start with:

Q. Have alcohol-related crashes decreased in other states when they lowered the limit? I have a doubt even after updating with the local news. Have alcohol-related crashes decreased in other states when they lowered the limit?

A. Wisconsin has seen nearly a two percent decrease in alcohol-related crashes and almost a fourteen percent decrease in alcohol-related fatalities a year after implementing a .08 law. Since South Dakota put .08 in effect in 2002, alcohol-related crashes have decreased by 2.1 percent from the average of the previous three years.

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Some other researchers25-27 registered nearly the same percentage of these antibodies in first-degree relatives of T2DM patients, while others reported higher percentages.
In patients with thyroid cancer of follicular cell origin, a family history of nonmedullary thyroid cancer in one first-degree relative is associated with more aggressive disease.
Colorectal cancer diagnosed in one or more first-degree relatives with an HNPCC-related tumour, with one of the cancers being diagnosed under the age of 50 years
For each family, the researchers calculated the total number of relatives affected beyond the enrolled participants (referred to as 'additional' affected relatives) and the number of first-degree relatives of participants who were affected.
Subjects who were first-degree relatives of the schizophrenics were mainly farmers or workers, living in rural areas, whereas the majority of the controls were professionals and lived in urban areas.
Both ethnic minority groups were more likely than Scandinavian women to have a first-degree relative with diabetes (47% of South Asian women and 39% of Middle Eastern, vs.
There are some empiric data to estimate AD risk for various apo E genotypes among people with affected first-degree relatives, but we don't yet know how to fully combine apo E variants, family history, and environmental factors into an overall absolute risk-assessment algorithm.
Neuromuscular and psychomotor abnormalities in patients with schizophrenia and their first-degree relatives.
If a subject with DCM had any first-degree relative who was also affected with DCM, those first-degree relatives were invited for screening for DCM by history, physical examination, electrocardiogram (ECG), echocardiography and cardiac catheterisation where indicated.
unmarriageable kins intending to accompany their first-degree relatives, or those intending to accompany their wives and those with limited income and resources are excepted, head of the Zayed Foundation's fixed programmes department Ateeq Al Muhairi said.
and colleagues at the University of Illinois at Chicago conducted eye movement testing and other assessments of neurobehavioral function in 57 first-degree relatives of individuals with autism.
Case family data from 382 OCD patients and 974 of their first-degree relatives came from the OCD Collaborative Genetics Study obtained during 2001-2008.