Schneider first rank symptoms

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Schnei·der first rank symp·toms

those symptoms that, when present, indicate that the diagnosis of schizophrenia is likely, provided that organic or toxic etiology is ruled out: delusion of control, thought broadcasting, thought withdrawal, thought insertion, hearing one's thoughts spoken aloud, auditory hallucinations that comment on one's behavior, and auditory hallucinations in which two voices carry on a conversation.
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Many of the Schneider's first rank symptoms were present.
[4] Because of psychotic symptoms, 31% of patients with bipolar I disorder were mistakenly diagnosed as having other disorders with obvious psychotic symptoms such as schizophrenia or substance use induced psychotic disorders.[5] The reason for this may be related to clinical practitioners who believe that Schneider's first rank symptoms are specific symptoms of schizophrenia.[6] Patients with bipolar II disorder were usually misdiagnosed as having unipolar depression.[7] The reason might be related to the disease characteristics of bipolar disorder.
First Rank symptoms of schizophrenia occurred in 61 patients (76.20%) in this study which is consistent with study by Malik (67%)15.
First rank symptoms of schizophrenia are useful in establishing the diagnosis but their absence doesn't exclude it.
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