medial cuneiform bone

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me·di·al cu·ne·i·form bone

(mē'dē-ăl kyū-nē'i-fōrm bōn)
The largest of the three cuneiform bones, the medial bone of the distal row of the tarsus, articulating with the intermediate cuneiform, navicular, and first and second metatarsal bones.
Synonym(s): wedge bone.
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It is the first cuneiform tablet dating to the first millennium to be discovered in Bahrain, said Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA) archaeological affairs counselor and mission head Dr Pierre Lombard at a Press conference yesterday.
Muscat: First cuneiform writing of the Mesopotamia civilization was found during archaeological excavations being carried out by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture of Oman in Dibba, Musandam.
Further radiographs of the pelvis, femur, leg, ankle and foot were obtained and showed the medial cortices of the femur, tibia, navicular, first cuneiform, first metatarsal and phalanges to be similarly involved (Fig.
243) in a popular magazine, (3) and no further commentary, how the Anatolianist Frank Starke in August 2003 "was able to present the first cuneiform letter in Hittite to be sent not from east to west ` but from west to east" (p.