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an act of seeking expiation through another from guilt for a real or imagined transgression.


n in spiritual and psy-chological practice, a process of acknowledging, repenting, and seeking forgiveness for mistakes.

Patient discussion about confession

Q. How can I confess to my girlfriend that I am bipolar? Not that it really matters, since I cannot attract a woman to save my life, but I was wondering if there is ever a good time to say, "Hey, I am bipolar" and anticipate the reaction. As a bipolar man who is looking for some love and sex, how should I handle the topic, if at all?

A. Thanks JennJ. I think you're right about the group mentality. Thanks.

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In the first confession, the princess does not reveal who--or even, explicitly, that--she loves, but in the second instance, she openly admits her feelings, at least verbally.
The man leading the murder hunt, Det Supt James Brown, was unconvinced by Gilmour's first confession, which he claimed had been made under duress.
could and should have already been to first confession and communion.
He retracted this first confession, but over the next several hours signed two more, each written by the police and each more detailed than the last.
For in it she repudiated her earlier confession and, siding with Mary Warren against herself, accused herself of having fabricated the first confession in a spirit of revenge for her expulsion from the sisterhood.
And Jackie, who has the grim task of making his first confession and communion.
In May, he will be the first adult with special needs to receive the sacraments of first confession and first Communion at our church, St.
Cornwell makes a point that, for many youngsters, it was in their preparation for first confession that they encountered a sexual vocabulary they were unprepared to deal with.
Most importantly, we went to our old neighborhood church every week, and I had my first confession in years.
That was the year I made my first confession, communion and confirmation all in rapid succession.
This year our eighth child received both first Confession and Communion at the Skaro pilgrimage.

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