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n a special type of permanent program that takes the place of or accomplishes the function of traditional hardware components. Firmware is loaded into the equipment, either at the time it is manufactured or later, by the person installing the equipment or the person using it.
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Our offerings deliver built-in device defense at the firmware level for the full range of X86-based devices, including embedded PCs, industrial controllers, test and measurement devices, and rugged blade servers.
When a drive is added to the Scalar i2000, the system checks its firmware level and automatically matches that drive's firmware to the other drives in the library or partition based on user-defined policies.
BEA WebLogic is a natural choice on which to build carrier-grade software for device management at the firmware level," said Chris Richardson, Chief Architect, Insignia Solutions, "The combination of Insignia and BEA technology can help enable our customers to significantly leverage their existing infrastructure and telecommunication industry standards.
This enables wireless operators to quickly deploy firmware level updates to solve customer care issues and provision system level capabilities to support new gaming, rich media, and messaging services.
Program services include on-site integration of all hardware components (system memory, hard drives, RAID adapters, network interface cards and redundant power supplies), updating BIOS levels to the latest firmware level, configuring RAID arrays, installing Microsoft Windows NT(R) Server 4.