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Nathan, 20th-century U.S. biostatistician. See: Mantel-Haenszel test.
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Woodbridge, OH, November 18, 2015 --( For over 30 years, the company has been known for crafting elegant fireplace mantels and other cast stone ornaments.
For this article, I worked on SketchUp, a drawing program from Google, to design a fireplace mantel and simple wainscot and window trim.
One sensor was always placed on the fireplace mantel. Two others were placed in convenient locations in the same room as the fireplace was located, one approximately in the middle of the room and the other at the far end of the room.
After getting her hands on a half-dozen rustic music horns, she lined up all six on the wall above a fireplace mantel. For added pomp, she framed each horn against a brittle, yellowing page of vintage sheet music.
MAKING MANTELS shows average homeowner/handymen they can build a fireplace mantel, providing all the details of so doing from design and mouldings to wood finishing and installation.
I remember the fireplace mantel decorated with Christmas cards.
The master suite comprises a bedroom with shuttered sash windows with window seats, a marble fireplace mantel and surround inset with cast iron birds' nest grate and slips, and a door into a hexagonal-shaped ensuite bathroom.
A painting on the fireplace mantel has slipped partway out of its frame, making it appear quite surreal.
PS8 from Paperchase | White paper 3D snowflakes each with an LED bulb look beautiful hung along a fireplace mantel, hand rail or Christmas tree.
Special features, such as stone flooring, brick walls, iron entry gate, and 16th-century stone fireplace mantel were hand-selected in France and shipped to Jackson.
Besides their welcoming glow, luminaries can add sophistication or fun to a sidewalk, staircase, fireplace mantel or front stoop, says Eddie Ross, East Coast design editor for Better Homes and Gardens.