Fire Flare

A term of art referring to the histological changes seen in the thyroid of patients with Graves’ disease, in which the colloid at the edge of the follicles appear as flickered flames
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She made a stream of fire flare from his shield and helmet like the star that shines most brilliantly in summer after its bath in the waters of Oceanus--even such a fire did she kindle upon his head and shoulders as she bade him speed into the thickest hurly-burly of the fight.
'The team was told that there was intermittent fire flare from the exposed coal seams and this commenced around December 2017.
It is to notice, with respect the act of scratching the match-head on the strike plate of the matchbox, of seeing the fire flare up.
While preparing to service engine oil he noticed a fire flare up on the opposite side of the keel beam, to the rear of the Jet Fuel Starter exhaust.
He said the apartment occupant removed the pan and put it in the sink, which made the fire flare up and set off the sprinklers.
There had been instances when China, upon seeing their Islander plane, would send radio messages or fire flares.
During a tour of their facilities, experts told 7DAYSCethey even venture into Omani airspace, with permission, to fire flares into clouds before they reach the UAE and bring rain this way.
Navy ships are known to sound horns in the day and fire flares at night to tell others they need to be careful."
They also fire flares and shotguns in a last-ditch bid to deter birds.
While the evacuation was being carried out, jet fighters were sent up to intercept the aircraft and fire flares to encourage it to move away.
Anti-war protesters planned to fire flares as Air Force Once arrived at the heavily-guarded airport last weekend.