Finney pyloroplasty

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plastic surgery of the pylorus, especially for pyloric stricture, to provide a larger communication between the stomach and duodenum.
Finney pyloroplasty enlargement of the pyloric canal by establishment of an inverted U-shaped anastomosis between the stomach and duodenum after longitudinal incision.
Heineke-Mikulicz pyloroplasty enlargement of a pyloric stricture by incising the pylorus longitudinally and suturing the incision transversely.
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Fin·ney py·lo·ro·plas·ty

a long, full-thickness incision from the duodenum, through the pylorus, and proximally into the gastric antrum, with a C-shaped closure to provide a wider opening between stomach and duodenum.
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John M.T., U.S. surgeon, 1863-1942.
Finney gastroduodenostomy
Finney gastroenterostomy
Finney operation - gastroduodenostomy which creates, by the technique of closure, a large opening to ensure free emptying from the stomach.
Finney pyloroplasty - operation to provide a wider opening between stomach and duodenum.
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