Wilhelm, 20th-century German pathologist. See: Warthin-Finkeldey cells.
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1], los resultados obtenidos se compararon con los reportados por Rana, Langenfeld-Heyser, Finkeldey, y Polle (2010).
Seifert, Vornam y Finkeldey, 2012), esenciales para analizar y localizar genes que estan bajo seleccion y que conducen a la adaptacion de genotipos locales no solo ante el cambio climatico, sino tambien a factores bioticos.
International brew-master, Jrg Finkeldey, who consults to the production team at Mitchells says, The range continues to remain true to original ingredients, and were constantly refining processes to ensure the best brew across our entire range.
297; Ekue, Gailing, Holscher, Sinsin, & Finkeldey, 2008) and Cycas simplicipinna (0.
Derry Finkeldey, research director at Gartner, said, 'Gartner's 2015 CIO Agenda survey showed the top three technology priorities for Indian insurance CIOs this year are mobility, business intelligence and analytics, and digitalisation/digital marketing - in that order.
Insurers in India are getting serious about their core insurance processes, especially where they help increase insurer penetration of the market," said Derry Finkeldey, principal analyst at Gartner.
Jorg Finkeldey, the son of one of the club's oldest members, Helmut (Finko) Finkeldey is also an active member.
Thus, for the conservation activities in small populations, according to Finkeldey (1993), the number of units required for the maintenance of genetic resources must be based on the probability of loss of rare genes in small populations such as recorded in this study.
Finkeldey, in Proceedings of SPE ANTEC'02, San Francisco, May (2002).
after the electrolytic polishing and finishing, the surfaces prepared for analysis are chemically attacked with Lacombe and Finkeldey reactive;
As Jorg Finkeldey of the Steinecker Krones Group [producers of brewhouses and packaging equipment] noted in Cleveland, "Craft beer has softened, but this does not concern us.