Fingerprint Pattern

Metabolism Fingerprint profile A type of ‘mixed’ or irregular cytoplasmic inclusion composed of ceroid/lipofuscin, which appears as a short curved lamellation, seen by electron microscopy in juvenile lipofuscinosis or Batten-Spielmeyer-Vogt disease
Clinical findings Mental deterioration, progressive loss of motor function, ataxia, retinal pigment degeneration
DiffDx FPs are also seen in peripheral lymphocytes or skin fibroblasts in Kufs’ disease—amaurotic familial idiocy—fucosidosis, Hermansky-Pudlak disease, Jansky-Bielschowsky syndrome
Prognosis Death by early adulthood
Treatment None. See Curvilinear profiles
Ophthalmology Map-dot-fingerprint pattern A pattern seen in corneal dystrophy, consisting of horizontally-oriented, whorled and filagreed layers of amorphous intraepithelial material, accompanied by apposition and separation of linear densities of vacuolated ground substance; the pleomorphic gray opacities are slightly basophilic, located under the corneal basement membrane, composed of a protein-polysaccharide matrix, and seen in microcystic or map-dot dystrophy
Renal pathology A descriptor for the layered epithelial crescents, thrombi, and haematoxylin material, accompanied by granular deposition of IgG, C3, and fibrin in diffuse glomerulonephritis
Electron microscopy Reticular aggregates in capillary endothelium which, in systemic lupus erythematosus, may represent a reaction of the endoplasmic reticulum to injury
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The study on south Indian fingerprint pattern by Nithin Mathew Sam, Rema P, Venugopalan Nair B [13] showed similar findings with 57.
Light is scattered off bacteria under the holographic microscope; then a mathematical function--known as a Fourier Transform--is applied to the holographic images, providing a distinct 2D angle resolved light scattering fingerprint pattern for a given bacterial cell.
18 citizens could not submit their biometric information for certain reasons: poorly discernible fingerprint pattern, damage of fingerprint patterns by burns, injuries, skin diseases.
Marvel and Bonfils identified a fingerprint pattern that characterizes the simultaneous response of precipitation location and intensity to external forcing.
Marvel and Celine Bonfils, the other LLNL author, identified a fingerprint pattern that characterizes the simultaneous response of precipitation location and intensity to external forcing.
There are several ways to make it visible, like dusting with powder or spraying with reagents or "superglue" A new technique that improves sensitivity involves the deposition of gold nanoparticles attached to cage-like molecules filled with dyes or other luminescent markers that cause the fingerprint pattern to glow.
neoformans yielded an identical M 13-based fingerprint pattern that could be distinguished from the reference types.
According to the company, the Subex Azure Fraud Management bureau uses flexible rules-based alarms and fingerprint pattern matching to identify likely fraudulent usage, enabling operators to detect known fraud types and patterns of unusual behaviour in all telecomms environments, including wireline (PSTN, ISP, VOIP) and wireless (2G, 2.
A tiny sensor reads a fingerprint pattern when you brush a finger across it and the pattern is converted in to a template.
In one study, University of Tokyo professors took a stored fingerprint pattern and etched it into a fake latex finger to show that a fake biometric could be made and used to fool a sensor.
The fingerprint pattern of the different fragments is used to identify overlapping BAC clones.