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finger stick



The drawing of blood from the fingertip, usually with a thin blade and a micropipette, for diagnostic testing.
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Finger stick

A technique for collecting a very small amount of blood from the fingertip area.
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Researchers from the University of Missouri School of Medicine and Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently evaluated the accuracy of the MIT-developed spectroscopy technology to monitor blood glucose levels without needles or a fingerprick. Early results show that the technology measures blood glucose levels as effectively as a fingerprick test--without drawing blood.
'A growing number of clinically important tests are performed using fingerprick blood, and this is especially true in low-resource settings,' said one of the researchers, Meaghan Bond from Rice University in Houston, US.
With the modern spring-loaded lancet devices, fingerprick testing is quite easy.
Using a drop of blood from a fingerprick, this novel biosensing platform provides clinically relevant specificity, sensitivity and detection of pathogens from whole blood and plasma.
Follow-up fingerprick blood sampling was performed at baseline and at 1, 3, 4, and 6 months later.
Within 2 following minutes 200 [micro]L of blood from the same fingerprick was also collected in a heparinized tube with fluoride lithium (Figure 2) and centrifuged to estimate the PG 3 times on the analyzer COBAS INTEGRA 400 PLUS using hexokinase reference method.
A fasting fingerprick blood sample using a disposable lancet was taken for measurement of ghrelin (active), PYY (total), leptin, glucose, and insulin.
Results of the simple fingerprick tests will be available within 20 minutes, while men will be able to wait in a relaxed cafe-style environment.
Rapid and simple method for isolating malaria DNA from fingerprick samples of blood.
A blood sample on the order of 50 nL was produced by fingerprick and collected by a micro-pipette.
and others, An evaluation of urine-CCA strip test and fingerprick blood SEA-ELISA for detection of urinary schistosomiasis in school children in Zanzibar Acta tropica 2009 111 1 64-70
Lactate should either be checked on a point-of-care fingerprick lactate meter or using venous blood (taken without a tourniquet) should be sent to the laboratory on ice.