finger stick

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finger stick



The drawing of blood from the fingertip, usually with a thin blade and a micropipette, for diagnostic testing.

finger stick

the act of puncturing the tip of the finger to obtain a small sample of capillary blood. In some procedures the hand may be first immersed in warm water for 10 minutes to "arterialize" the capillary blood or give it characteristics similar to those of arterial blood.

Finger stick

A technique for collecting a very small amount of blood from the fingertip area.
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By passing the meter over the sensor it electronically reads the blood glucose without the need to fingerprick.
A growing number of clinically important tests are performed using fingerprick blood, and this is especially true in low-resource settings,' said one of the researchers, Meaghan Bond from Rice University in Houston, US.
Regarding HBGM (Table 5), 14 subjects did fingerpricks themselves.
A blood sample on the order of 50 nL was produced by fingerprick and collected by a micro-pipette.
You begin testing by obtaining a drop of blood from a fingerprick.
and others, An evaluation of urine-CCA strip test and fingerprick blood SEA-ELISA for detection of urinary schistosomiasis in school children in Zanzibar Acta tropica 2009 111 1 64-70
Lactate should either be checked on a point-of-care fingerprick lactate meter or using venous blood (taken without a tourniquet) should be sent to the laboratory on ice.
Microvisk's SmartStrip uses sensors to work out the clotting speed of blood from a fingerprick sample and the results are displayed on a handheld reader.
8) Among other subject matters the training covers assuring quality of HIV rapid testing, safety at the HIV rapid testing site, inventory management, quality control, blood collection and handling, documents and records, professional ethics, and blood collection by fingerprick.
We are aiming to measure 100 proteins per fingerprick within a year or so.
A LUNCH-HOUR fingerprick test for suspected prostate cancer was launched today.