Final Solution

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The Nazi German plan to eliminate the ‘Jewish problem’
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But Berri said Wednesday that he was "optimistic of reaching a final solution to this."
I believe though that this meeting is a step toward a final solution," Bosnajkovski said at the press conference.
In the past we were ready to support the process for a final solution, because we are interested in the country's integration into EU and NATO", according to Greek television.
"Final solution" echoes the Nazi regime's "Final Solution to the Jewish Question," the deliberate and systematic destruction of Jews worldwide.
The final solution contained Perle I/O Device Servers and Industrial Ethernet Switches, which were pre-configured so that the Electrical Engineer could merely plug the Remote Alarm Multiplexer in and forget about it.
He called for taking the opportunity and maintain the political talks to find solutions based on the references agreed upon by all parties in order to reach a final solution.
Abortion is the final solution for the sexual revolution.
"The final solution in Yemen is political, in Syria the final solution is political", he said.
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday urged the leaders of the island's divided communities to show political leadership for a settlement, pointing out that there should be some give and take to be able to agree a final solution.
Imagine my incredulity and shock at reading the Times of Israel last Friday in particular an article by journalist Yochanan Gordon stating that genocide of Palestinians is permissible to secure a "sustained quiet" Is it not sad to reflect that the morality of a "final solution" is still with us.
According to former diplomat Risto Nikovski, this is an attempt to win more concession from Macedonia yet the final solution is not in sight.
He expressed confidence that the majority of al-Waer neighborhood wish to reach a final solution and reconciliation.

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