Final Solution

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The Nazi German plan to eliminate the ‘Jewish problem’
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ARCHITECT SS founder Heinrich Himmler devised the Final Solution
The first date, that of the invasion of Poland and beginning of World War II, marks the origins of the Final Solution.
Summary: United Nations - The second informal restricted meeting, in preparation for the fifth round of negotiations aiming to find a political and final solution to the regional dispute over the Sahara, started on Wednesday in the city of Armonk, New York outskirts, the United Nations said.
S Congress to support peace efforts in the Middle East and help achieve a final solution between the Palestinians and Israel.
They Dared Return: The True Story of Jewish Spies Behind the Lines in Nazi Germany" tells the story of a group of Jews who, having escaped the clutches of Hitler's final solution, went back to fight against the Nazi's genocide.
Riyadh, 22 Aug: Khaled Suleiman an undersecretary in the Ministry of Trade said that the Saudi Committee for discussion with Chinese side regarding the dumping of the domestic market of Chinese products are still going on and working well as we hope to reach the final solution in the near future.
We will not allow the final solution to be without our knowledge," the Jordanian official said, stressing his country's stance on Palestinian refugees' "right to return and compensation.
A little over five weeks later, the infamous Wannsee Conference convened to plan, as SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich put it, "the coming final solution of the Jewish question.
The concept phase will examine both offshore and onshore solutions and a final solution will be selected during the pre-FEED phase.
Several hundred dazed young POWs who were either Jewish or "looked" Jewish found themselves slaving deep underground, part of the Final Solution.
Retail has to be a significant force [in this], but if the final solution is that it takes precedence over the public space we will end up with an updated version of what we have.

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