Final Exit

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A book written as a suicide manual which delineated various suicide methods
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QIA is currently in negotiations with RMZ, and the final exit could happen in March 2018.
The fees should be paid in advance and on a yearly basis along with the issuing or renewal of the worker's residency permit, when issuing exit-re-entry visa or even final exit visas.
IANS Kunaal Roy Kapur, whose latest movie The Final Exit is a supernatural horror film, said though the Indian audience enjoys watching horror films, the genre has not been explored properly.
Actor Kunaal Roy Kapur's next movie is supernatural horror film The Final Exit, which is a genre that he says has not been explored properly in India.
Third: Issuing a final exit visa: a - On applying for the issuance of a final exit visa service for an expatriate worker affected by the decision, a dependent and/or a companion of him/her, after the date of application of the decision on 1/7/2017, this move requires payment of the fees owed to the expatriate worker as of the first day of the month of July 2017 until the date of application for implementation of issuance of the final exit visa, taking into account the overlap of the validity period with the dates stated in the decision of the Cabinet upon receipt of the fees.
Everyone involved in filming on Monday bowed and curtseyed as the star returned for a six-week stint to mark her final exit from the popular soap, Dame Barbara said.
There are never more than three final exit lanes open from Saudi Arabia, so this is the best place.
Kerti said in press statement following thwe meeting that the committee's plan targeted final exit of the UNAMID from the country .
This transaction marks the final exit from Euronext by ICE initiated in 2014.
We have been in talks with the sponsoring company which is arranging for their final exit from Saudi Arabia.
Instead, given the favourable look of their potential second round opponents, the 4/1 widely available on another quarter final exit looks a better bet.
T]he embassy and the Philippine consulate general in Jeddah advise all those who have taken steps to process their final exit and repatriation to remain calm and not panic.