filum terminale

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 [fi´lum] (pl. fi´la) (L.)
a threadlike structure or part.
filum termina´le a slender, threadlike prolongation of connective tissue from the conus medullaris to the back of the coccyx.
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ter·mi·nal fi·lum

a long connective tissue (pia mater) strand extending from the extremity of the medullary cone to the inner aspect of the spinal dural sac (pial part of filum terminale [TA], * filum terminale internum); continuous with stout strands of connective tissue attaching the spinal dural sac to the coccyx (dural part of filum terminale [TA], * coccygeal ligament, and * filum terminale externum).
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fi·lum ter·mi·na·le

(fī'lum ter-mi-nā'lē) [TA]
The slender threadlike termination of the spinal cord.
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