filum terminale

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 [fi´lum] (pl. fi´la) (L.)
a threadlike structure or part.
filum termina´le a slender, threadlike prolongation of connective tissue from the conus medullaris to the back of the coccyx.

ter·mi·nal fi·lum

a long connective tissue (pia mater) strand extending from the extremity of the medullary cone to the inner aspect of the spinal dural sac (pial part of filum terminale [TA], * filum terminale internum); continuous with stout strands of connective tissue attaching the spinal dural sac to the coccyx (dural part of filum terminale [TA], * coccygeal ligament, and * filum terminale externum).

fi·lum ter·mi·na·le

(fī'lum ter-mi-nā'lē) [TA]
The slender threadlike termination of the spinal cord.


pl. fila [L.] a threadlike structure or part.

filum durae matris spinalis
encloses the filum terminale (see below).
filum olfactoria
fibers that pass from the olfactory lobe of the brain to the ethmoid plate through which they pass.
filum reticulare
fibers of the dorsal nerve root which spread out in a fanlike pattern to enter the spinal cord along a dorsolateral groove.
filum terminale
a slender, threadlike prolongation of the spinal cord from the conus medullaris to the sacrum and tail.
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Histological examination revealed a heterogeneous entity consisting of two areas: a cystic and a solid one, both comprising a randomly disposed mixture of tissues with ectodermic, mesodermic, and endodermic origins, with histological structure different from that of the filum terminale (Fig.
Immunohistochemistry revealed positivity for anti-Desmin (showed striated and smooth muscle differentiation), anti-pan CK AE1/AE3 (revealed the epithelia), anti-GFAP (detected glial cells of the filum terminale, normally found in this region), anti-S100 (identified nerve fibers), and anti-Vimentin (detected dura mater, normally found in this region).
The final diagnosis was mature teratoma of filum terminale.
Final diagnosis of intradural fibrolipoma located at the conus with tight filum terminale and cord tethering was made.
Fibrolipomas of the filum terminale are usually more caudally located and generally much smaller.
Tethered cord syndrome is a condition in which the filum terminale is not allowed to hang freely in the spinal canal.
In 1953 Garceau hypothesized that spinal cord traction was caused by a tight filum terminale.
Un grupo de ellos crece en el interior de la medula y otro en el cono medular y a continuacion del filum terminale, lo que los hace mas facil de resecar.
Closed spinal dysraphisms such as diastomatomyelia, dermal sinus, terminal myelocystocoele, lipomas, thickened filum terminale, tethered cord and sacral spina bifida have been described in the literature.
These tumors typically arise from the ependymal glia of the conus medullaris and filum terminale.