Homicide of a child followed by the parent’s suicide
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Among mothers who kill both their child and themselves (filicide-suicide), altruistic motives were the most common.
Filicide-suicide: common factors in parents who kill their children and themselves.
As others have noted, research is sparse throughout the western world; "there is not a body of literature and research specifically aimed at preparing and equipping professionals who may find themselves in potential filicide situations": Kieran O'Hagan, Filicide-Suicide: The Killing of Children in the Context of Separation, Divorce and Custody Disputes (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014) at 23.
(40) Carolyn Harris Johnson, "Familicide and Family Law: A Study of Filicide-Suicide Following Separation" (2006) 44:3 Fam Ct Rev 448 at 459.
A financial crisis has also been described as one of the important factors that precipitates filicide-suicide among Chinese in other countries such as Hong Kong.
In both cases, parents have attempted filicide-suicide, and in both cases the parent survived.
Experts say the fact that Rauscher's depression was evident may have been the only warning sign that foreshadowed the killings - technically known as filicide-suicide.
Police in Lane County say they can't recall any previous local filicide-suicide case.
Studies show that it's tough to identify filicide-suicide risks in families, which makes prevention difficult.
Those cases involving female subjects comprised maternal filicide-suicide.
One of the depressive disorder cases involved a female subject (attempted maternal filicide-suicide) with a DSM-IV major depressive disorder, severe.
Almost half of the mothers had previously attempted suicide, and over half (56%) had planned joint filicide-suicides. One half of the mothers had been previously psychiatrically hospitalised and 72% had received prior mental health care.