filar micrometer

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fi·lar mi·cro·me·ter

an ocular micrometer with a line moved by a ruled drum such that a movement of the line of 5 mcm or less may be made in relation to fixed parallel lines.
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The biggest problem was that an adaptor plate for the filar micrometer was missing and Brian had to get another one made.
It is here described and illustrated; it was treated in the usual way for mounting on a slide in Canada Balsam; the usual measurements, stated in ([micro]m, were taken with an AO filar micrometer (measuring units 1.36 ([micro]m for wings, and 0.53 ([micro]m for other parts, see Garcia Aldrete 2006).
If you envision a double-star observer as a wizened old astronomer with a large-aperture refractor and a filar micrometer, then think again.