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A popular term for the quasi-autonomous ‘territory’ that a particular physician in a Balkanized organization (e.g., the faculty practice plan of an academic medical centre) considers to be his or her own
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It's not about fiefdoms being protected and silos being maintained Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, pictured right
Just as the ARTCC kingdoms were divided into fiefdoms, municipality TRACONs were divided into neighborhoods, each with a controller who coordinated with adjacent neighborhoods and fiefdoms as subjects roamed about.
I had little hopes of finding anyone who could successfully run this office and bring the 21 fiefdoms into a coordinated system while managing the politics of our legislature and governor's office.
In an open letter to finance minister Sue Essex, she said, 'I realise that people in each funding body are guarding fiefdoms, but please see what you can do to persuade them to use common sense.
Their complaints concern directors who refuse to heed concerns, who trample on codes of good practice in corporate governance and who treat the companies they run as personal fiefdoms or their positions in these organisations as a one-way ticket to huge private wealth, irrespective of their business performance.
A rising cadre of dancers found itself in the spotlight more often than in previous seasons, and other performers, some of them veterans, finally established their own fiefdoms.
UMKC units voluntarily reallocated their budgets as a community rather than competing fiefdoms, maintaining funding for breakthrough projects and keeping faith with our vision and values.
A variation on this is the boss who brings in an outsider to dismantle her subordinates' fiefdoms.
How else can Latin American airlines find ample funds without becoming pawns to family fiefdoms or absentee foreign owners?
London's financial centre traditionally consists of enclosed, private fiefdoms, while the speculative block usually contains very little social space outside the standard floorplates.
Although this kind of education was appropriate for autocratic kingdoms, empires, and feudal fiefdoms that were constantly at war, it is not appropriate for a democratic and more peaceful society.