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A popular term for the quasi-autonomous ‘territory’ that a particular physician in a Balkanized organization (e.g., the faculty practice plan of an academic medical centre) considers to be his or her own
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Mayor Anderson added: "We can work more corroboratively in partnership and get better about fiefdoms protected and maintained Mayor of pictured right outcomes for patients." The Royal and Aintree employ a combined 10,000 staff and have a joint budget of more than PS700m a year.
The report, A New Force, found the current 43 forces operate as inefficient and expensive fiefdoms run by chief constables who are only accountable to weak police authorities.
Shadow Police Reform Minister Nick Herbert demanded an end to isolated "fiefdoms" across the country, but denied giving senior officers an ultimatum.
Each ARTCC was too far-reaching for just one person to control all the subjects within its boundary, so the FAAATC had the Kings subdivide their kingdoms into fiefdoms and delegate control over their subjects to individual controllers.
"Less than two years ago, Florida's state-funded child advocacy system consisted of an uncoordinated system of 21 fiefdoms," Glynn wrote to the NACC Awards Committee June 30.
Individual subsidiaries had become impenetrable fiefdoms that had hijacked control of their financials, hired their own finance people and redefined the chart of accounts to reflect the "uniqueness" of their markets.
The novelist, poet and activist Marge Piercy quite correctly labeled these leaders "machers"--male strong men, whose goal was to build up their own little movement fiefdoms, rather than strengthen a movement for social change (Piercy, "The Grand Coolie Dam," Leviathan, November 1969).
BUREAUCRATS guarding their own fiefdoms are frustrating volunteers who try to save historic buildings in Wales, an architect claims.
It is set in a world of feudal fiefdoms around a great lake, ruled over by a king.
So far, the Democrats have done well in special elections in Kentucky and South Dakota, but face overwhelming odds in Texas, where redistricting has carved the state into a series of odd-shaped Republican fiefdoms.
In the same breath, these same newly integrated processes can be used to impose structure and discipline, breaking down the autonomous fiefdoms that lead to most cost expenditure issues.
Meanwhile, rural areas wither without farm support, and the few small towns that do thrive do so as low-tax, low-regulation corporate fiefdoms. Yet, Kansans routinely return to office Republicans who back the very policies that harm them.