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A popular term for the quasi-autonomous ‘territory’ that a particular physician in a Balkanized organization (e.g., the faculty practice plan of an academic medical centre) considers to be his or her own
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It was a classic example of fiefdoms where the individual sales divisions worked very independently, selling the products of their specific division (detergent, paper, foods, household cleaning products, etc.
Fiefdom, who was still being ridden out until before Christmas, started his racing life with Bruce Hobbs, in the colours of future Jockey Club senior steward Sir Thomas Pilkington.
They should be apologising for their arrogance and promising that never again will they run this area as their own little fiefdom.
In addition, members keep giving themselves personal discretion over ever-larger portions of the city budget, strengthening the fiefdom system that charter reform was supposed to abolish.
In her speech to the party conference, Mrs Gillan will say: "We simply can't afford to let Wales continue as Labour's fiefdom, a fiefdom of the party that bought us the deepest recession for generations, which created economic turmoil and landed our country with crippling debts.
Karachi is not fiefdom of any one and no one can ban entry of party chairman into Karachi, they warned.
Locals say his brother Carlos now runs the fiefdom in the upper Sinu Valley of Colombia.
The college was originally granted two manors in Walton, (now north Oxford) but, like many others, has been obliged to extend its academic fiefdom beyond the geographical and architectural bounds of its traditional quads.
Royal Group's executives ran the Company as their personal fiefdom and were not held accountable by Royal Group's Board of Directors for the wrongful conduct.
Hanson's withdrawal of these anti-shareholder proposals is a great victory for shareholders -- it shows that Hanson management cannot run our company like it is their private fiefdom," commented UMWA Secretary- Treasurer Jerry D.
The reason there is nothing tyrannical about asking Judge Moore to remove the plaque is that the courthouse is not his personal fiefdom.
The corporate fat cats got used to thinking of the airwaves as their own private fiefdom, but the commissioners today reaffirmed that the airwaves belong to everyone," said Joan Dark, of the Prometheus Radio Project, a Philadelphia-based media activist group that helps create LPFM stations (www.