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Carl L.A., German physician, 1835-1921. See: Fiedler myocarditis.
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"We didn't have an actual working historian previously, so it's been nice to have all this data at our fingertips," Fiedler adds.
Fiedler, engineer and senior practice leader with Gordon Environmental, said the facility will not only be a replacement for the Sandoval County Landfill, but a "long-term solution" for the county and the region.
Fiedler pointed out that other dairy options, such as cheese, have even more salt and fat than milk.
myrmecophily, is a widespread phenomenon among Lycaenidae that ranges from facultative to obligate (Fiedler 1991, 1995).
My experience drove home to me the importance of the type of radio-related knowledge that LTC Fiedler discussed in his letter.
Germany Ambassador to South Sudan, Anke Fiedler, addressing journalists and expert in Juba, 11 December 2012 (ST)
This book collects twelve essays by German Catholic scripture scholar Fiedler. Each was previously published (see p.
"Come Back to the Ranks Ag'in, Huck Honey!" is, of course, a play on Leslie Fiedler's well-known--and, at the time, hugely controversial--article, "Come Back to the Raft Ag'in, Huck Honey!" Originally published in the Partisan Review in 1948, "Come Back to the Raft Ag'in, Huck Honey!" argues that, at the heart of nineteenth-century American literature, and reaching forward into the early twentieth century, was an as-yet unrecognized--and yet disavowed--archetype (1): the archetype of the "mutual [homoerotic] love of a white man and a colored" (146): Ishmael and Queequeg, Natty Bumpo and Chingachgook, Huck and Jim: "lying side by side on a raft born by the endless river toward an impossible escape" (145).
One of the Poles in Britain during that extraordinary summer was the noted travel writer Arkady Fiedler. Working with the government-in-exile Fiedler spent time with a remarkable squadron of primarily Polish fliers then engaged in regular and fierce combat against the Luftwaffe.
The venture would not sell actual stem cells, but rather heart or liver cells derived from stem cells, said Konstantin Fiedler, general manager of cell technologies at GE Healthcare.
The first case involved 24-year-old Christopher Gross and Mary Fiedler, 35, who are accused of killing their eight-month-old daughter Siri.
In her new exhibition, "Double," Diana Fiedler returned to that utopian statement by covertly acknowledging the gallery's specific history--an institution devoted to international tendencies in contemporary art such as neo-Constructivism, Minimalism, and Conceptual art.