Guest Authorship

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A practice in which senior researchers are listed as co-authors—despite having had little to do with the work involved in publishing original research reports—on research reports that are the works of others,e.g., undergraduates and postdoctoral fellows working in their lab
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Specifically, the reliability of a fictitious co-authorship network at a given time t was analyzed taking into account, first, the reliability of nodes (researchers) equal and different, and, second, the reliability of edges (co-authorship relations), equal and different.
According to the configuration of the fictitious co-authorship network of Figure 1 and the relationships of the existing co-authorship, when the two situations for different rates of p (emphasis on edges and then emphasis on nodes) are compared, one may see that as p decreases, the reliability of the network becomes close to zero more quickly in the first case (edges or unreliable co-authorship relations) than in the second (nodes or unreliable researchers), as Figure 4 shows.
So that the reliability of the fictitious co-authorship network could be increased and the importance of centrality measures in this context could be introduced, within all possible insertion options of a new edge (or co-authorship relation) in graph G of Figure 1, nine non-isomorph graphs (1), described in Table 3, could be produced.