Fick, Adolf Eugen

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Fick, Adolf Eugen

Ger. physiologist, 1829–1901.

Fick equation

Fick principle.

Fick's halo

A colored halo around light observed by some persons as a result of wearing contact lenses.

Fick's law

Diffusion through a tissue membrane is directly proportional to the cross-sectional area, driving pressure, and gas coefficient and inversely proportional to tissue thickness.

Fick method

Determination of cardiac output by calculation of the difference in oxygen content of mixed venous and arterial blood. This figure is then divided into the total oxygen consumption.

Fick principle

In respiratory physiology, blood flow equals the amount of a substance absorbed in an organ divided by the difference in the amount of the substance entering and leaving the organ. Usually the substance is oxygen or a dye. Synonym: Fick equation
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While the diffusion process is deemed the most important mechanism in this exchange the diffusion coefficient in the Fick equation [27] depends on molecular size [28].
2] content can be estimated and used to complete the Fick equation [6-8].
Calcium flux was calculated with the Fick equation using the differential voltage recorded between the two extremes of oscillation (12).
2] can be made directly using the reverse Fick equations (5).