fibric acids

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fi·bric ac·ids

(fī'brik as'idz),
Drugs structurally related to clofibrate, used to treat hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia.
Synonym(s): fibrates
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Fibric acid derivatives (gemfibrozil [Lopid[R]], fenofibrate [Tricor[R]], clofibrate [Abitrate[R]]) are used to decrease triglyceride levels.
The usual dosage regimen for fibric acids is 2 times a day and should be adjusted for renal function.
Other LDL-taming medications to discuss with your doctor include bile acid sequestrants and fibric acids.
Therefore, health care providers should be aware that other lipid-lowering medications, such as bile acid sequestrants, fibric acids, and niacin have the advantageous effect of raising HDL-C level (Illingworth, 2001).
Fibric acids inhibit peripheral fat breakdown, block the liver synthesis of triglycerides and cholesterol, and enhance cholesterol excretion.
When statins are co-prescribed with fibric acid drugs or niacin, myopathy risk is also increased (Williams & Feely, 2002).
10] The fibric acids are primarily effective for treating those patients with high triglyceride levels, while the bile acid sequestrant's effectiveness is primarily limited to LDL reduction.