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(fē′bē-gər), Johannes Andreas Grib 1867-1928.
Danish pathologist. The first to produce cancer experimentally, he won a 1926 Nobel Prize.
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The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1926: Johannes Fibiger.
Johannes Fibiger and His Nobel Prize for the Hypothesis That a Worm Causes Stomach Cancer.
Not a single drug designed to treat a psychiatric illness in a novel way has reached patients in more than 30 years, argues psychiatrist Christian Fibiger of the University of British Columbia in Kelowna, who described the problem in a 2012 Schizophrenia Bulletin editorial.
Linda Fibiger, an archaeologist at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and her colleagues focused on the late Stone Age, when European hunter-gatherers had transitioned into farming or herding animals.
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Also, marked up-regulation of the immediate early gene product expression, Fos, has been found during exposure to the morphine-paired environment, (Schoeder, Holahan, Landy, & Kelley, 2000) or cocaine-paired environment (Brown, Robertson, & Fibiger, 1992; Neisewander et al.
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However, both Walker & Pittaway (1987) and Fibiger & Legrain (2009) explicitly mention that species of Heliotropium are a preferred larval foodplant in Arabia and this, doubtless, is the reason for the moth's preference for this plant.
When Ibsen died, his wife said "that he was a deeply religious human being" (Hage 43), and shortly after the death of the playwright, Fibiger argued that 'the religious problem was so deeply rooted in Ibsen's soul from his childhood until his old age, that he was never free from it; on the contrary it became more and more dominating in the course of his life and thereby also in his poetics" (Fibiger 22).
Similarly, damage to the VTA neuron terminals produced a dramatic decline in cocaine self-administration (Roberts and Koob 1982, 901; Roberts, Corcoran, and Fibiger 1977, 615).