fievre boutonneuse

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Mediterranean spotted fever

tick-borne infection with Rickettsia conorii seen in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and India and known by different names in different areas, for example, Marseilles fever, Crimean fever, Indian tick typhus, and Kenya fever. Two forms are Mediterranean exanthematous fever (q.v.), which manifests as skin eruptions, and Mediterranean erythematous fever (q.v.), which manifests as skin redness. See: Rickettsia conorii.
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African Tick Typhus

A tick-borne rickettsial infection caused by Rickettsia conorii, which occurs in the eastern hemisphere and is similar to Rocky Mountain spotted fever but less severe.
Clinical findings Fever, a small ulcer (tache noire) at the site of the tick bite, swollen glands nearby (satellite lymphadenopathy), and a red raised (maculopapular) rash.
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fievre boutonneuse

A mild, tick-borne fever caused by the organism Rickettsia conorii and featuring a button-like black spot at the site of the bite, swollen lymph nodes, muscle pain, headache and a widespread skin rash. Also known as boutonneuse fever or Marseilles fever.
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