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a fertilizing agent added to agricultural soils, in the form of an added chemical, or manure.

Patient discussion about fertilizer

Q. i just have my period last november 25 and ended on 28.when is my possible fertile and ovulation period please help me identify my fertile and ovulation period

A. If someone knew it, it'd solve the human race many problems with fertility. The problem is that ovulation (and thus, the period of possible fertility) happens 14 days BEFORE the onset of menses, so you know about it only retrospectively.

However there ways such as serial body temperature measuring, along with kits that measures the level of hormones in the urine in order to estimate the time of the coming ovulation, and help in timing intercourse.

You may read more about it here (www.mayoclinic.com/health/ovulation-signs/AN01521 ) but anyway, consulting a doctor (e.g. gynecologist) may be wise.

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According to the report, demand for foliar fertilizer is projected to expand at a CAGR of 4.0% with respect to volume during the period of forecast, 2018-2028.
Summary: According to the report, demand for foliar fertilizer is projected to expand at a CAGR of 4.0% with respect to volume during the period of forecast, 2018-2028.
The Minister stated that availability of fertilizers is monitored at the State level through data captured in the integrated Fertilizer Monitoring System (iFMS).
The Act establishes a board whose work is be to regulate the fertilizers industry in Kenya including the production, manufacture, packaging, importation and marketing of fertilizers.It also regulates the importation of raw materials for the manufacture of animal foodstuffs, promotes the manufacture of fertilizers, advises the national and county governments on the procurement, importation, efficient and timely distribution of subsidised fertilizers, and the establishment of retail outlets of fertilizers in the counties.
Nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium and Sulphate of potash fertilizers.
Some of these illnesses have been traced to the wrong use of fertilizers.
Sources in the Ministry of Industries told Pakistan Today that the government is currently negotiating with fertiliser manufacturers to find an amicable solution for the pending GIDC, which the fertilizer manufacturers had not been paying to the government since October 2016, despite charging the farmers.
MULTAN -- An ample stock of Urea, DAP and other fertilizers was available in the province and citizens should not pay extra amount on the purchase of fertilizers.
'The increased demand for fertilizers can be attributed to the increasing number of dealers or importers which were issued permits and licenses by the agency,' the FPA said in its annual report.
Sarsabz Fertilizers is not only a true safeguard of their hard work but also a trusted partner in their calling for a self-sufficient and food-secure Pakistan.
The Abraaj Group today announced that it has acquired a minority stake in Indorama Fertilizers B.V.
Egyptian fertiliser exports declined by EGP 2.1bn during the first eight months of the current year to record EGP 1.4bn, compared to EGP 3.5bn during the same period of 2014, according to a report issued by the Chemicals and Fertilizers Export Council (CEC) .