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Erwin S., U.S. physicist, 1868-1956. See: Ferry-Porter law.
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Francis Tolentino on Wednesday called out the officials of the agencyfor the underutilization of the Pasig River Ferry Service.
The KFS plans to suspend the Mtongwe ferry services for major repairs starting next month.The works which are expected to start on September 2, will involve repairs of ferry landing platforms, pillars and the gangways on both sides of the channel.
Lan Chun-sheng, chairman of Wisdom Marine Group, announced Wednesday that Pescadores Ferry will begin to operate the new ferry on Sept.
On Friday, KFS managing director Bakari Gowa told the Star that investigations were ongoing on the matter which has left many ferry users in shock.
According to MTCC, the ferry service will be available 5 times a week.
The company's acting head Mindaugas Ciakas said that if everything goes on as planned, the new ferry might start running in two years.
Yesterday, the trust published a feasibility study to assess the suitability of using hydrogen produced from local wind farms to power future ferry services operating in the Western Isles.
"John Sini brings a wide view, a sharp focus and an unwavering commitment to the Jefferson's Ferry Board of Trustees," said Robert E.
The Shieldsman, part of the Shields Ferry's fleet for 30 years, left the Tyne for the final time in 2009 for a new life on the South coast of England.
There will be no ferry services between Monday, February 25 and Sunday, March 3 as essential maintenance takes place on the South Shields side.
He said Rapid Ferry Sdn Bhd, which took over the Penang ferry services, may also lead the effort in introducing an integrated water transport system since the ferry services are the main water transport activity in the state.