ferrous gluconate

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containing iron in its plus-two oxidation state, Fe(II) (sometimes designated Fe2+).
ferrous fumarate an oral iron preparation used in the treatment of iron deficiency.
ferrous gluconate a hematinic that is less irritating to the gastrointestinal tract than other hematinics, and generally used as a substitute when ferrous sulfate cannot be tolerated.
ferrous sulfate the most widely used hematinic for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia. It is believed to be less irritating than equivalent amounts of ferric salts and is more effective.

All iron preparations should be administered after meals, never on an empty stomach. The patient should be warned that the drugs cause stools to turn dark green or black. Overdosage may cause severe systemic reactions.

ferrous gluconate

An iron compound used in the treatment of iron deficiency ANAEMIA. A brand name of a formulation with FOLIC ACID and vitamin C is Ferfolic SV.
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According to the agreement and a shared sales force agreement with Mission, in addition to promoting Dara's products Soltamox (tamoxifen citrate), Gelclair and Bionect, the Alamo sales team will also carry three Mission Pharmacal products: Ferralet 90 (for anemia), BINOSTO (alendronate sodium effervescent tablet indicated for the treatment of osteoporosis), and Aquoral (for chemotherapy/radiation therapy-induced dry mouth).
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