Auguste, French microbiologist, 1860-1939. See: Fernbach flask.
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(Dunning 2010, Apud Sloman and Fernbach 2017: 304-305) (23) But we have difficulties even when we know what actions need to be taken since we do not have the necessary will to choose and act according to what we know to be good.
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"Our intelligence resides not in individual brains but in the collective mind" (Sloman and Fernbach 2017, 5).
The GLF activist David Fernbach pointed out that Seven Days' faith in the universal power of its analysis elided over differences between 'black and white people, between women and men, between gay and straight'.
Originally published in French in 1983, it was translated into English by David Fernbach in 2016.
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Some of the noteworthy and iconic transactions which Portelli has been involved in include: Temple Court in Downtown Manhattan; The Whitman in the Flatiron District; The Allerton House in Midtown; the Met-Life building in Bronxville; the Henry Fernbach building in Soho; The Seville in the West Village; and Morgan Lofts in Midtown.
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