Auguste, French microbiologist, 1860-1939. See: Fernbach flask.
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Consider this thought from the article 'Why we believe obvious truths' by Philip Fernbach and Steven Sloman: 'What really sets human beings apart is not our individual mental capacity.
Bonneuil, Christophe, and Jean-Baptiste Fressoz, 2015, The Shock of the Anthropocene: The Earth, History, and Us, Translated by Daniel Fernbach, Brooklyn: Verso.
The collaborative editorial team of Patrick Champagne, Remi Lenoir, Franck Poupeau, and Marie-Christine Riviere, and translated into English for an American readership by David Fernbach, "On The State" is a 480 page compendium comprised of the chronologically organized lectures Bourdieu gave at the College de France from 1989 to 1992.
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Estos hallazgos son consistentes con los de literatura sobre prueba de hipotesis y sesgo de confirmacion (Sloman & Fernbach, 2008), la cual sugiere que las personas tienden a dar mas peso a la evidencia positiva de covariacion entre dos variables que a la de evidencia negativa.
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Fernbach in a paper with the telling title "Political Extremism Is Supported by an Illusion of Understanding.
With support from Sabic, TriForest Labware has developed a polycarbonate 3L Fernbach flask that the company says is the first of its size made using the injection blow moulding process.
TriForest Labware, a moulder of laboratory equipment, has developed a polycarbonate 3L Fernbach flask that the company says is "virtually unbreakable" as a result of SABIC's Lexan HP grade.
Pas de reaction a cet article Dieter Van der Stock, responsable de [beaucoup moins que] Fernbach Financial Software [beaucoup plus grand que] estime que l'application des normes et des codes universels par les banques tunisiennes pourraient les aider non seulement a mettre en oeuvre des plans de restructuration, mais egalement a attirer les investisseurs pour s'implanter en Tunisie.