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Enrico, Italian-born U.S. physicist and Nobel laureate, 1901-1954. See: fermium.
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But much more energetic cosmic rays can penetrate this magnetic shield and strike the Sun's denser atmosphere, producing gamma rays that can reach Fermi.
Today, Slatyer continues to sift through Fermi data for evidence of dark matter.
Since 2008, Fermi's Large Area Telescope has scanned the entire scanned every day, mapping and measuring gamma rays - the highest-energy light in the universe.
These candidates represent the tip of an iceberg, as there are probably many more point sources that Fermi can't resolve.
That idea proved magnetic to Walker Lee Cisler, CEO of Detroit Edison and head of the Power Reactor Development Company which he had founded to share the cost of constructing Fermi 1.
Miranda, Teorie e metodi per l'integrazione numerica dell'equazione differenziale di Fermi, Memorie della Reale Accademia d'Italia, Classe di scienze fisiche, Mat.
Enrico Fermi ranks among the twentieth century's most famous physicists.
Figure 1 shows the effect of (0001) strain on the band structure of bulk [Fe.sub.2]Si near the Fermi energy.
On the other hand, the experimental realization of quantum degeneracy in trapped atomic Fermi gases [7-11] triggered a renewed interest, over the last fifteen years, in the study not only of interacting fermion systems [12-15] but also of trapped ideal ones [16-34].
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- Merging data on high-energy bursts seen on Earth by NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope with data from ground-based radar and lightning detectors, scientists have completed the most detailed analysis to date of the types of thunderstorms producing terrestrial gamma-ray flashes, or TGFs.
Over the last six years, the Fermi satellite has seen gamma radiation coming from a menagerie of sources such as pulsars and remnants of exploding stars, says Fermi team member Teddy Cheung of the U.S.
Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station is a nuclear power plant located on the shore of Lake Erie, Michigan.