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J.K.W., 20th-century obstetrician. See: Ferguson reflex.
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Ferguson, who, by his incredible attempt, was to link together the achievements of all these explorers, and complete the series of African discovery.
Mr Ferguson, the only survivor, limped back into the Present.
Presently, filling Space, there sprang into being an Odour; and as it reached him Mr Ferguson stiffened in his chair, bracing himself as for a fight to the death.
The door opened, flooding the landing with light, and Mr Ferguson, stepping from ambush, began to descend the stairs.
Mr Ferguson, who had read Tennyson's poem on the subject, had until tonight looked upon this as a pretty good thing.
Come and see me tomorrow morning,' said Mr Ferguson.
But principally,' said Mr Ferguson, with a devilish grin, 'because they live in Edinburgh, which, as you are doubtless aware, is a long, long way from London.
Ferguson is similarly improbable: He begins his discussion of America's place in the world by saying, in effect, "Assume docile natives.
EVERTON striker Duncan Ferguson is being investigated for allegedly assaulting a burglar in his house.
Ronnie Ferguson, The Theatre of Angelo Beolco (Ruzante): Text, Context and Performance
Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are still sharing property following their divorce.
The name was Harry Ferguson (actually, Henry George Ferguson, but he always went by "Harry" for reasons lost to antiquity).