Lynen, Feodor

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Feodor, German biochemist, 1911-1979, joint winner of 1964 Nobel Prize for work related to cholesterol and metabolism of fatty acids.
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Wencke Meteling is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Marburg and in 2013-14 was Feodor Lynen Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow at Wolfson College and the Faculty of History, University of Cambridge.
Institute for Transfusion Medicine, Hannover Medical School, Medical Park, Feodor Lynen Street 21, 30625 Hannover, Germany
(3) Deutsche Gesellschaft fiir Gewebespende gGmbH, Feodor Lynen Strafie 21, 30625 Hannover, Germany
Feodor Lynen, who worked on isolating coenzyme A from yeast.