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herpetic whitlow a primary herpes simplex infection of the terminal segment of a finger, usually seen in those exposed to infected oral or respiratory secretions, such as dentists, physicians, or nurses. It begins with intense itching and pain, followed by the formation of deep coalescing vesicles. The process is associated with much tissue destruction and may be accompanied by systemic symptoms. A similar lesion may occur as a result of nail biting during the course of primary herpetic gingivostomatitis.
melanotic whitlow a malignant tumor of the nail bed characterized by formation of melanotic tissue.
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Purulent infection through a perionychial fold causing an abscess of the bulbous distal end of a finger.
Synonym(s): felon
[M.E. whitflawe]
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A painful purulent infection at the end of a finger or toe in the area surrounding the nail. Also called whitlow.
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Paronychia, whitlow, run-around A purulent infection in the tight fascial plane adjacent to the terminal intraphalangeal joint of the fingers or toes, due to an open wound; as the inflammatory mass expands within the confined space, the vascular supply is compromised, predisposing the site to osteomyelitis, pulp necrosis and sloughing of tissue; the pain is very intense and seemingly disproportionate with the scant amount of swelling and erythema clinically evident Treatment Drainage by incision directly over the site of maximum swelling; the term has also been applied to a localized painful herpetic skin infection 'seeded' in an open abrasion by contact exposure.
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A purulent infection or abscess involving the bulbous distal end of a finger.
Synonym(s): whitlow.
[M.E. feloun, malignant]
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