Vicq d'Azyr, Felix

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Vicq d'Azyr,

Félix, French anatomist, 1748-1794.
Vicq d'Azyr bundle - a compact, thick bundle of nerve fibers that passes from the mamillary body to terminate in the anterior nucleus of the thalamus. Synonym(s): mamillothalamic fasciculus
Vicq d'Azyr centrum semiovale - the great mass of white matter composing the interior of the cerebral hemisphere. Synonym(s): centrum semiovale
Vicq d'Azyr foramen - a small triangular depression at the lower boundary of the pons that marks the upper limit of the median fissure of the medulla oblongata. Synonym(s): foramen cecum medullae oblongatae
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With twenty-twenty hindsight, Felix Vicq D'Azyr, one of the original founders of the Royal Society of Medicine in 1776 and an ardent proponent of anatomical education in the decade following the Revolution, assessed the reasons for the stagnancy of anatomical study over the previous decades.