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Arthur, Polish bacteriologist, 1887-1956. See: Weil-Felix reaction, Weil-Felix test.
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Felix half rose to pick it up, but was suddenly checked by a quick gesture from his companion.
Felix broke into a little laugh as the man retired.
Felix submitted to the interruption with his delightful good-humor.
"Hobbema will sell at my death for a bigger price than I gave for him--that's one comfort!" She looked again at Felix; a smile of mischievous satisfaction began to show itself in her face.
Not till Felix comes to her in the chamber above the dining hall--there where that trumpet vine hangs--comes to say good-by to her.
From this time Felix was more employed, and the heart-moving indications of impending famine disappeared.
When I returned, as often as it was necessary, I cleared their path from the snow and performed those offices that I had seen done by Felix. I afterwards found that these labours, performed by an invisible hand, greatly astonished them; and once or twice I heard them, on these occasions, utter the words `good spirit,' `wonderful'; but I did not then understand the signification of these terms.
"Well, is it decided that Bev is to be editor?" asked Felix.
"Then," said Felix, "I move that the name be The King Monthly Magazine."
Felix, though an offshoot from a far more recent point in the devolution of theology than his father, was less self-sacrificing and disinterested.
"I suppose it is farming or nothing for you now, my dear fellow," Felix was saying, among other things, to his youngest brother, as he looked through his spectacles at the distant fields with sad austerity.
She is Ana Felix, surnamed Ricote, celebrated as much for her own beauty as for my wealth.